Based in Western Canada, and offering our products and services throughout
the country, MJM Acoustics is a leader in the noise control field. Our dedication to customer service, together with our suppliers’ 80 years of combined experience in the acoustics industry, enable us to provide a sound solution
to your noise control needs.

Our products range from the simplest replacement ceiling tile to the most specific custom sound room requiring exact performance for research or testing. From initial inquiry to the completed project a satisfied customer is our ultimate goal. Our conception-to-completion philosophy ensures a successful project every time.

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        Hearing, Medical and Educational

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Recreational and Community Facilities

                      Broadcasting and Recording

                            Residential and Commercial

                                  Testing and Research Chambers

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Specialized asphalt products are important to prolong the life of streets, roadways, parking lots and driveways, MJM asphalt coatings will increase the life of any pavement and is a cost effective slurry seal coating when used properly ad applied by professional paving contractors. One of our beta test companies for asphalt aggregate slurry seal applications was Gold Seal Asphalt in Phoenix Arizona.  

Asphalt paving slurry seal phoenix